Lizzo got a Baby Yoda for her birthday and she is beyond thrilled

Plus, a shout-out from Beyoncé.

Celebrating your birthday during the COVID-19 lockdown isn’t exactly fun, but it’s pretty clear Lizzo’s special day was "Good as Hell."

To kick things off on Monday, when the "Juice" singer turned 32, she received best wishes from many of her famous friends -- including Lil Nas X, Megan Thee Stallion and more. That said, Lizzo’s world came to a complete halt when she got a shoutout from Beyoncé.

A simple acknowledgement of Lizzo’s birthday on the "Lemonade" singer’s website was enough to send her into a full -- and completely justified -- meltdown.

"I don't know what to do with myself. Wow, gonna sit with that one for a while," the Grammy winner said on her Instagram story, teary-eyed and breathing heavy. "Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everybody on the internet. You're so sweet, y'all are so sweet. I'm very humbled."

As far as presents are concerned, Lizzo revealed the one she is most thankful for being gifted on her big day is a life-sized doll modeled after The Child from "The Mandalorian" on Disney+.

"Where do they even make this? I love Baby Yoda so much. Where do they even do this at?" the proud flutist gushed. "I know you want a Baby Yoda, I know you do. Happy birthday to me!"

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